Daewoo E&C is growing into a premier construction company trusted by Korea¡¯s People and society, while leading the environment-friendly construction culture with a human touch.

Daewoo E&C makes it possible for customers to realize a new vision of a brighter future.

Since being founded in 1973, Daewoo E&C has led the environment of Korea¡¯s construction industry with its strong technological prowess and quality-driven expertise, while carrying out projects in more than 30countries across the world. With a view to becoming a world leader in the Company's core business division including civil & housing, power & industrial plants, architecture, LNG facilities, and large-scale overseas projects, we have implemented reforms and innovations to enhance our competitiveness. With such effects, we aim to achieve the highest profitability and soundest financial structure in the industry in Korea.

In response to rapid on-going changes and challenging business environment at home and abroad. Daewoo E&C has taken vital steps towards the creation of a dynamic and profitable future, both in the domestic and overseas markets. At the same time, by building on the trust and encouragement of citizens and of society as a whole, we strive to grow into a world-class engineering and construction company; one that works for the betterment of people, communities and societies. With a firm foundation based on a human-oriented management philosophy and an environment-friendly construction culture, Daewoo E&C is now preparing for another leap forward to the world best.